Cairns Glass Office Partitions

Cairns glass office partitions are modern, stylish and functional; they also embrace the principles of sustainability. So if you are looking to update your office space, while increasing its appeal and value, you should definitely consider using our Cairns glass office partitions.

Cairns Glass and Glazing specialize in glass office partitions, covering everything from design and installation, to repair and replacement. As the glass specialists, we’ll provide the right advice on what you need to get the most out of your glass office partitions. Let’s start at the beginning.

Glass Office Partitions: The Benefits

  • Customised to suit your office specifications
  • Allowing light whilst maintaining privacy
  • Framed or frameless: you decide
  • Tinted, frosted or clear glass
  • Maintain a sense of open plan
  • Create private work spaces

Glass partitions also tick a lot of boxes in regards to sustainability. They allow natural light to flood your office, which decreases the need for artificial lighting (and energy costs) and increases human enjoyment of the space. They reduce noise pollution and are a cost effective way to create private office spaces, without having to make structural modifications to your existing building.

Cairns Glass and Glazing can custom-make glass office partitions in any shape or size, with straight edges or curved features. Our Cairns glass partitions are a versatile product; let us tailor a solution for your office environment.

For more information on our Cairns glass office partitions, contact us today on phone 4035 6122 or email

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