Cairns Mirrors

Cairns Glass and Glazing also specialize in mirrors for all commercial and domestic property applications. Mirror is a versatile glass product. It can enhance property appeal and value, making small spaces appear larger and adding a reflective element to your interior (and exterior) design.

Mirrors can be used effectively indoors and outdoors, large and small; you are only limited by your imagination. Cairns Glass and Glazing can assist with all your mirror needs, from feature walls to entry halls, gymnasiums, display mirrors, wardrobe doors and more. Let’s start at the beginning.

Mirrors: Where Can They Be Used?

  • Bathroom and entry hall
  • Bedroom wall and mirror wardrobe door
  • Car and truck rearview mirrors
  • Gymnasium walls and locker doors
  • Garden features and much, much more

Mirrors enhance your sense of space and light. Cairns Glass and Glazing use Australian-made mirrors, which last longer and offer superior quality in shine and finish. We can cut to shape and supply, or supply and install.

As well as basic framed mirrors, Cairns Glass and Glazing also offers frameless mirrors, which can be cut to any shape or size with polished edges providing a stunning, sleek, modern finish.

As well as providing a range of practical mirror jobs (including repair and replace of review mirrors in cars and trucks) Cairns Glass and Glazing can also create a beautiful and decorative range of mirror work, for your home or business. Noticed the stunning mirrors in the Cairns Reef Hotel Casino? That’s some of Cairns Glass and Glazing’s mirror work!

For more information on Cairns Glass and Glazing’s mirror services, phone 4035 6122 or email

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