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Glass and safety go hand in hand: in our world and yours. As a property owner, you want to know you have the safest glass in your windows and doors, to minimise injury to people and property in the event of a breakage situation. You also want to know your glass is tough; resistant to break and enters.

That’s where safety glass comes into the equation. As professional glaziers, we treat glass with respect to minimise injury to our personnel (and yours!). We are also the Cairns safety glass specialists. We know the best glass for your needs and provide 24-hour repair and replacement services. We’re also aware of your legal requirements.

We use Australian safety glass and comply with all Australian Standards in regards to human impact. We have the knowledge to advise you on the best safety glass for your premises and the experience to ensure it is installed to the correct specifications, for maximum safety and protection.

Safety glass comes in two types, laminated and toughened. Cairns Glass and Glazing has both and can help you with all your Cairns safety glass advice, replacement and repairs. So, what’s the difference?

Safety Glass: Laminated Safety Glass

Laminated safety glass is created when two or more sheets of glass are bonded together with heat and pressure, with a flexible plastic interlayer (poly vinyl butyral – PVB). Laminated safety glass is safe and secure; it’s designed to not splinter into jagged pieces during an impact situation. Windscreens are made using laminated safety glass and give an indication of what happens in a ‘break’ situation. Glass will break, but not shatter. NB: It is a legal requirement to use laminated safety glass for all doors and windows next to doors for any path of impeded travel. Some benefits of laminated safety glass include:

  • Safety: if the glass is broken it will not shatter, the PVB holds it in place
  • Strength: greater resistance in wind loading situations (think cyclones)
  • Security: aids in the prevention of illegal entry and/or vandalism
  • UV Protection: can eliminate up to 99% of ultraviolet radiation, protecting you and your furnishings
  • Entry Foyers
  • Readily Available: same day preparation to your exact specifications

Safety Glass: Toughened Safety Glass

Toughened safety glass is created through a process of rapid and repeated heating and cooling. The end result is a glass product that has increased strength by up to 5 times that of its untreated counterpart of equal thickness. Toughened safety glass can break; when it does so, it shatters into little crystals with blunt edges, minimising risk and harm to people and property. Some benefits of toughened safety glass include:

  • Strength: up to 500% stronger than untreated glass and resistant to temperature ranges (hot and cold)
  • Safety: manufactured to Australian Standards
  • Frameless: can be installed with or without frame, making it a versatile safety glass choice
  • Marine friendly: a good choice for marine applications
  • Patterned: can be clear or patterned

Cairns Glass and Glazing is compliant with the relevant Australian Standards, namely AS 1288:2006 and AS 2208, when it comes to working with safety glass.

Did you know there was a legal requirement for the correct and proper use of safety glass at your private and commercial residence? A number of recent Australian court cases have found against property owners, in the instance where people have been injured by glazed windows or doors that do not meet current safety standards.

What does this mean? If you are a Cairns property owner, then the onus is on you to ensure your building has the correct glazed windows and doors to meet current safety standards. This is an issue, particularly for owners of older buildings.

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