Cairns Glass Shower Screens light and space make beautiful bathrooms

If you want a bathroom that is functional as well as beautiful, then glass shower screens and fittings are the answer for you. Glass shower screens maximize your sense of space and light, in what is sometimes the smallest room of the house, whilst providing practical and stylish solutions to keep your ‘dry’ areas dry.

Cairns Glass and Glazing specialize in Cairns glass shower screens, in all of their forms and functionality. From framed, to semi-framed to frameless – sliding panels, fixed panels and pivot glass shower doors – we provide a complete service, from supply only, to supply and install, repair and replace.

Why Choose Glass Shower Screens?

  • Safety: comply with all legal requirements
  • Aesthetics: maximise your sense of light and space
  • Value: increase the value of your home or property
  • Durability: professionally installed glass is tough and durable
  • Versatility: customised to suit your requirements in size and glass finish (clear or frosted)
  • Easy to keep clean

Cairns Glass and Glazing work with clients to develop customised shower screen solutions. We’ll provide the advice on the best products to suit your space and can source fittings for you, or install the ones you have chosen yourself. Our Cairns glass shower screen products can be framed, semi-framed or frameless and come in clear or tinted glass. What’s the difference?

Framed Glass Shower Screens

This is your traditional form of glass shower screen. It comes in individual panels, as a set ‘unit’, or can be created to suit your space. This type of screen is a glass panel which is framed with aluminum: the frame can be colour customised to suit your bathroom. Framed glass shower screens can be used around standalone showers, or to enclose a shower / bathtub combination. Framed glass shower screens are a great budget solution for your bathroom.

Semi-Framed Glass Shower Screens

A great solution for smaller bathrooms, semi-framed glass shower screens are tough and durable while giving a minimalist feel. Generally the ‘framed’ part of the semi-framed glass shower screen is the sides, with an ‘open’ top and bottom providing a greater sense of space. As with framed screens, you can choose the colour of aluminum to suit your décor.

Frameless Glass Shower Screens

This is using glass shower screens to their best advantage. With no frame, the glass panels enclose the shower / bath space without creating zones in the bathroom. They are easy to clean and can be customised to suit any bathroom space and layout.

Customised Glass Shower Screens

Choose your glass type with Cairns Glass and Glazing. We can create customised glass shower screens using clear or tinted glass. Why not add a splash of colour with a glass bathroom splashback? We can do it all.

Cairns Glass and Glazing are the Cairns glass shower screen specialists, for supply and install, repair and replace. For more information or an obligation free quote, contact us today on phone 4035 6122 or email


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