Keeping glass and glazing in the family

‘Dad began his glazing career replacing windows in the Whitsundays, and in 1992 he and Mum decided to lay the foundations of a business called Cairns Glass & Glazing’ says Courtney Wilson. Both Courtney’s parents worked hard to grow Cairns Glass & Glazing to the busy and successful business it is today.
The business employs 13 people, boasts over 100 years of collective experience and services more than a 250 km area around Cairns with glass, glazing, domestic and commercial aluminum fabrication and emergency repairs.

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Cairns Glazier Named First ‘Master Glazier’ in Australia

Cairns Master Glazier

Cairns glazier Barry Wilson has been named Australia’s first ‘Master Glazier’, by the Australian Glass and Glazing Association (AGGA). This is a major milestone for Barry, owner of Cairns Glass and Glazing, who has been honing his craft, skills and trade for over 40 years. Commencing his glazing career as a 16-year-old, working at his uncle’s business Whitsunday Glass, Barry gained experience across the country, before starting Cairns Glass and Glazing in 1992. “My main forte I suppose, is that I excel in all areas of the glass and glazing industry, not just in one or two areas,” Barry said.

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